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Carpet Cleaning Atascadero Reviews






Wine Country Carpet Care
4150 Traffic Way Atascadero, CA 93422
Phone: (805) 434-6311







Offering the Very Best Carpet Cleaning Atascadero Has to Offer (805) 434-6311

Why Choose Wine Country?

Wine Country Carpet Care is a local second generation Atascadero carpet cleaning company that is completely owner operated. We use only the safest and most effective cleaning methods.  At Wine Country We make customer service our number one priority.   We are happy to announce that more than 80% of our business is now coming from referrals.  We would like to extend to you an invitation to experience the same level of service that our customers have been telling their friends about.

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What makes Wine Country Carpet Care Different?

At Wine Country we have tried to set ourselves apart by offering many services that our usually paid add on’s for free.  All of our Atascadero carpet cleanings come with things like extensive pre vacuuming using a very powerful commercial vacuum.  We deep scrub every carpet at no extra charge before we clean it.  This is an amazing step that allows us to clean deep traffic patterns that would normally be left behind.  It also allows us to use less cleaning solutions and to extract them more thoroughly.  By using less and extracting more, we are able to leave your carpets softer drier and cleaner than would be possible without this step. We also deodorize while we clean your carpet.

The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning Atascadero Has Ever Seen

All carpet cleanings come with everything included, from specifically suited cleaning solutions to deep scrubbing and air movers.  We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best value we possibly can. We do not schedule 8-10 jobs a day like some companies. We feel that by scheduling only an appropriate number of cleaning’s a day we have the time to focus on each and every customer and are able to fully meet their needs.

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Our Prices

At Wine Country Carpet Care we feel that honesty is the best policy in business. We do not believe in giving customers a high pressure sales pitch. We are carpet cleaners not salesman. If there is something your carpet needs, it will be included in your carpet cleaning at no extra charge. We believe in value based carpet cleaning, not cheap carpet cleaning. We have found that most of the so called cheap carpet cleanings end up costing more and produce inferior results. 

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Our Carpet Cleaning Method

At Wine Country Carpet Care we use only the highest quality truckmounted cleaning equipment combined with the safest and most effective cleaning solutions. Every job begins with a pre inspection of the carpet, at this time we will note any damage and ask you to point out any areas stains or spills that have troubled you in the past. We then will begin by thoroughly pre vacuuming your home at no extra charge. When the carpet is inspected and ready to be cleaned we begin by spraying the appropriate cleaning solution to your carpet.  Our next step is one of our favorites; we deep scrub every area of your carpet at no extra charge.  This allows us to remove deep embedded traffic patterns that may have been left behind without this extra step. When the carpet has been sprayed and deep scrubbed we then begin to extract using industry leading heat and vacuum.  All of our jobs are cleaned at over 220 degrees so that we can insure every carpet is cleaned and sterilized. We always use soft water and never leave any solution in your carpets. When the job is done we finish up with a post grooming to return all carpet fibers to their upright position. If you have any questions at all about scheduling a carpet cleaning Atascadero feel free to give us a call or use the contact form on the right side of this page.



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